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Providing You with High-Quality Digital Transcripts

Greenwalt Court Reporting has the capability with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge of providing you with a transcript in digital format to ready your case for trial.

When you need any or all of your proceedings transcribed in digital form, our team has the skillset and technology to accomplish your goals. With our decades of experience in traditional court reporting, we also understand today's demand for a digital record as well.

Guaranteed digital accuracy

Greenwalt Court Reporting has the passion for accurate reporting. We will help you with traditional court reporting, videography, teleconferencing, and scanning of exhibits and documents. When you're tied up at work, we will also provide you with depositions via Skype.

Comprehensive court reporting

We will provide you with the most common file formats such as .pdf, .ptx (E-tran), and .txt.

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